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Sandblasting, Bring the Old back to New

Surface Restoration

Surface Restoration

Paint, Rust, Scorching, Smoke Damage, Weathering, Calcium Build up, Dirt and Grime!

We can remove most all messes from Most all surfaces!


Have a panel? A hood? A whole car, truck or train?

We can strip it clean for you. We can even remove body filler!

We also do automotive priming. 


Patio Dingy? Paint Peeling? Want a fresh surface for new coatings?

We can Handle it all!


Parking lot paint removal, Deep clean sidewalks, building paint removal. Let us make your business shine!


Trailer restorations, powder coat removal, replacement reflectors and heavy-duty re-coatings! 

Pick up and Delivery service

If you don't have a place for us to work or just don't want the mess, we can come get it and drop it off when we're done!